March 1, 2022

Asigny helps landlords

Every piece of real estate has its own history. Made by both people who live or work there and made by those who work on the property. As a landlord it’s your job to take into account what has been done, so you can be sure that you know when maintenance cycles come around. Having a well-documented maintenance history also makes it a lot easier to bring new contractors in so they can be informed on what they’re about to work on.

When using Asigny, it’s effortless to keep in check all current and past maintenance work. Just sort current or historical reports by destination and you’ll be able to view everything that has been done for a certain building or location. When managing maintenance work for a multitude of buildings, daily tasks can be automatically assigned to available handymen and their daily work will have the least amount of empty travel and wait time.

Asigny caters perfectly to hybrid and fully remote workflows as task delegation can be done fully remotely without any face to face meetings required. Your workers don’t need to be at the office to meet you or your managers, they can travel directly to the stop that’s nearest to their home and start working right away. They report all task progress via the mobile app and provide pictures as proof of completed work or complications. This way all buildings under your responsibility have detailed histories complete with rich data.

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